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Suppose I have host A from which I ssh to host B, where I sudo -U some_role and from under it ssh to host C. My goal is an interactive shell on C.

Assume that from C I cannot ssh back to A.

What is the best way to copy a file from A to C using the connection built above? What preparations / changes should I introduce into the chain to make infrequent, simple file copying possible?

Of course I can run cat > target_file inside the interactive shell and copy-paste via the terminal, but for large binary files this is not exactly convenient.

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I take it host B is e.g. a gateway in an intranet and can connect to host A and C, e.g. like this:

                                                                      |                                                           |
                                                                      |                                                           |
                       ---------                                -----------                    --------------                     |
                      |A        |------------------------------|   B       |------------------|              |                    |
                       ---------                               |           |                  | C            |                    |
                                                                -----------                    --------------                     |
                                                                      |                                                           |

In this case the best solution is ssh port forwarding. I describe it at http://www.linuxintro.org/wiki/Tunneling_with_OpenSSH

First, on A, you tunnel B's port 2222 to C's port 22 with the command:

ssh -L 2222:C:22 B

then you copy to C's port 22, by connecting to port 2222 on A (localhost) with the command:

scp -P 2222 file root@localhost:
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