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I'm having trouble installing Kali on a MSI GE70 2OE with a SSD HD and a standard SATA HD.

I've installed W7 on the SSD, and then partitioned my SATA in two parts: One 800Gb for W7 and another 200Gb of empty space to install Kali. There's as well 2Gb occupied by a FreeDos installation on my SATA that I've left just in case. When installing Kali my Atheros Killer 2200 netword card is not recognized. Let's put aside this problem and the fact that I can't install a package administrator.

Finally I can't install GRUB. When starting the GRUB installation the only SO that finds is FreeDos, that is in my SATA along with Kali. I've tried all possibilities to install GRUB but none works:

  • /dev/sda → MBR for SATA disk (I think). It doesn't work.
  • /dev/sda5 → Partition for Kali. ext4. It doesn't work.
  • /dev/sda6 → SWAP space, 10Gb. ext4. Doesn't work.
  • /dev/sdb → W7 on my SSD, 128Gb. NFTS. Doesn't work.

I think I didn't try sda2 where my FreeDos is, but I guess it wouldn't work anyway.

How can I install GRUB under those premises? Ideally I would like to dual boot along with the W7 on the SSD.

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Your question is too broad/unclear. Break up your problems into individual and specific questions; portmanteau questions like this don't work on this site as there is no one answer that will suffice. – jasonwryan Dec 18 '13 at 2:58
I've focused it on the GRUB problem. – Alex Dec 18 '13 at 4:56
What does it doesn't work mean? Does it run grub or not? If you can get to grub, but it doesn't find the partitions, it may be easier to manually add those entries than getting it autodetect them. As you already tried to install it everywhere, your best bet would be to put it on /dev/sda, as you probably already wiped its previous bootloader. – Ángel Jul 20 '14 at 18:49
No, it doesn't. It won't be installed in none of the partitions mentioned above. Funny thing is: My MBR was pointing to the sda2 (FreeDos) as the boot manager, so the place to put the loader it was indeed sda2 if I wanted to do all the steps at install time. I took a different approach and moved the boot manager from sda2 to the SSD from Windows, and then installed Kali. – Alex Jul 21 '14 at 9:09
So my guess is: You can install the loader only in your manager partition (the one pointed by your MBR) – Alex Jul 21 '14 at 9:10

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