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How to reproduce:

  1. ssh -X user@host firefox (or some other X application).
  2. Maximise the window.
  3. Close the application.
  4. Open the application in Awesome WM (tried only locally, but should also work remotely).

Result: The window is still maximised.

Since I never use the maximise functionality in Awesome, and often use it in other window managers, I'd like to unset the maximisation whenever I open X applications in Awesome.

I tried this:

{ rule = { class = "Firefox" },
  properties = { tag = tags[math.min(2, screen.count())][2],
                 maximized_vertical = false, maximized_horizontal = false } },

Firefox does start in tag 2, but it's still maximised. Any idea how to unset the maximisation, for Firefox specifically, but even better for all X applications?

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I suspect that Firefox deliberately sidesteps WM hints. If you can't find a better way, consider a timed trigger that unmaximizes Firefox. –  Gilles Dec 17 '13 at 23:38
Firefox is not the only application to preserve its own window settings on exit (for example, the Pan newsreader does this). It looks an awful lot like there's a race condition between Awesome setting up the window, and the application restoring its saved settings. As such, you may be stuck doing it with a timed trigger as the previous commenter noted, or doing it by hand (the default key mapping for toggling window maximization in Awesome is MOD + m). –  ewhac Jan 5 at 1:45
Thanks both! @ewhac, your comment could be converted to an answer. Even better if you know how to create a timed trigger in Awesome. –  l0b0 Jan 5 at 9:45

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