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Is there any method in Linux to list all namespaces on the running host? I need to check namespaces for particular processes (e.g. processes running in LXC-container and all other processes on the host) and then find out cgroups of them.

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From ip man page for network name space

ip netns - process network namespace management A network namespace is logically another copy of the network stack, with it's own routes, firewall rules, and network devices.

   By  convention  a   named   network   namespace   is   an   object   at
   /var/run/netns/NAME  that can be opened.  The file descriptor resulting
   from opening /var/run/netns/NAME refers to the specified network names-
   pace.   Holding  that  file descriptor open keeps the network namespace
   alive.  The file descriptor can be used with the setns(2)  system  call
   to change the network namespace associated with a task.

   The  convention for network namespace aware applications is to look for
   global network configuration files first in  /etc/netns/NAME/  then  in
   /etc/.    For   example,   if   you   want   a   different  version  of
   /etc/resolv.conf for a network namespace used to isolate your  vpn  you
   would name it /etc/netns/myvpn/resolv.conf.

For name spaces of other types, maybe there is other ways

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