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I am using tcpredir to connect to freenode server via port 6665 for some firewall difficulties:

server:~# redir --lport=6665 --cport=6665 --caddr=irc.freenode.net

and recently i faced a problem, i can not connect to irc i tried telnet to connect via telnet for test it seems connection established without problem

client:~$ telnet irc.myserver.com 6665
Trying x.x.x.x ...
Connected to irc.xamin.ir.
Escape character is '^]'.
:holmes.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** Looking up your hostname...
:holmes.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** Checking Ident
:holmes.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** Couldn't look up your hostname
:holmes.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** No Ident response

ERROR :Closing Link: (Connection timed out)
Connection closed by foreign host.

netstat returns this:

server:~# netstat -ntlpa | grep 6665
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      23741/redir     
tcp        0      0      ESTABLISHED 30320/redir     
tcp        0    264       ESTABLISHED 30320/redir

have you any idea on this,

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