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When I run the following commands on AIX:

22:root@SERVER:/root # ps -ef | head -1
     UID      PID     PPID   C    STIME    TTY  TIME CMD
22:root@SERVER:/root # ps -ef | grep defunct | head -1
     foo  9364552  7975688   0                  0:00 <defunct>

I came across this process that was in a state of <defunct>. Bringing up the kernel debugger, kdb, if I poke inside this process' PID:

22:root@SERVER:/root # kdb
WARNING: Version mismatch between unix file and command kdb
       START              END <name>
0000000000001000 0000000004160000 start+000FD8
F00000002FF47600 F00000002FFDF9C8 __ublock+000000
000000002FF22FF4 000000002FF22FF8 environ+000000
000000002FF22FF8 000000002FF22FFC errno+000000
F1000F0A00000000 F1000F0A10000000 pvproc+000000
F1000F0A10000000 F1000F0A18000000 pvthread+000000
read vscsi_scsi_ptrs OK, ptr = 0x0
(0)> tpid -d 9364552

pvthread+05FE00 1534 <zombie> ZOMB  5FE00AD 03C    5         0  

Noting which SLOT it was occupying, looking at the start of this process:

(0)> u 1534 | grep -i start
(0)> where 1534
thread F1000F0A1005FE00 not loaded

(0)> exit

Looking, there isn't any STIME associated with the process.

Here's additional information about my system:

22:root@SERVER:/root # oslevel -s
22:root@SERVER:/root # uname

AS well as additional information about my <defunct> process:

22:root@SERVER:/root # procstack 9364552
procstack: 9364552 is a kernel process
22:root@SERVER:/root # proctree 9364552
7975688    /foo/foobinary

My question: there is no STIME in "ps" command for the defunct processes. Are there any ways to get the start time of them?

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I'm not familiar with AIX, but maybe lastcomm would tell you what you want. –  Gilles Dec 5 '13 at 23:10

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