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In ps xf

26395 pts/78   Ss     0:00  \_ bash
27016 pts/78   Sl+    0:04  |   \_ unicorn_rails master -c config/unicorn.rb                                           
27042 pts/78   Sl+    0:00  |       \_ unicorn_rails worker[0] -c config/unicorn.rb                                        

In htop, it shows up like: enter image description here

Why does htop show more process than ps?

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By default, htop lists each thread of a process separately, while ps doesn't. Turn off the display of threads: in the “Setup / Display options” menu, “Hide userlands threads”. This puts the following line in your ~/.htoprc (you can alternatively put it there manually):


(Also hide_kernel_threads=1, but it's 1 by default.)

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For me, on a more-or-less current arch linux system, ps xf shows me only the processes owned by my user ID. htop shows me all processes. Try ps -ef for a list of all processes, or perhaps ps -ejH to get a child/parent relationship listing.

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