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I am trying to start up my solaris server using the newly downloaded iso written on a CD.

The iso name is sol-10-u9-ga-sparc-dvd.iso

When we started the server, logging in as root then tried to boot the system from CD-Rom, this is what happened:

sc> reset  
Are you sure you want to reset the system (y/n)? y
Chassis | critical: Host has been reset
Performing hard reset on the system

Chassis | critical: Host has been powered off
sc> poweronChassis | major: Host has been powered on

The Host System Power is already running.

sc> Chassis | major: Mar 28 13:47:34 ERROR: MB/CMP0/BR2/CH0/D0 must be populated, MB/CMP0/MCU2 not configured
Chassis | major: Mar 28 13:47:34 ERROR: MB/CMP0/BR3/CH0/D0 must be populated, MB/CMP0/MCU3 not configured

Chassis | major: Mar 28 13:47:34 ERROR: MB/CMP0/L2_BANK4, MB/CMP0/L2_BANK5 unused because MB/CMP0/MCU2 is not configured

Chassis | major: Mar 28 13:47:34 ERROR: MB/CMP0/L2_BANK6, MB/CMP0/L2_BANK7 unused because MB/CMP0/MCU3 is not configured

Chassis | major: Mar 28 13:47:34 ERROR: Degraded configuration: system operating at reduced capacity

Chassis | major: Mar 28 13:47:34 ERROR: System DRAM Available: 016384 MB

Chassis | major: Mar 28 13:47:34 ERROR: Only 4 cores, up to 32 cpus are configured because some L2_BANKS are unusable

After this, pressing Enter brings us a command prompt for sc>, but no boot command is recognized here.

How can we boot from the CD?

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Just to check, you did burn the ISO to a DVD, not a CD, right? The filename suggests a DVD iso file. If you're missing a big hunk of the initrd, you might run into this. – atroon Mar 29 '11 at 14:46
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Can you give some more information? If that is an Openboot, you can boot from cdrom with:

sc> boot cdrom

Anyway those ERROR messages doesn't look good.

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thx for advices, I figured out the solution with my friend just interrupted the booting and when it asked us for the boot device; we are running So the answer solving my problem partially. >boot cdrom command. – Olgun Kaya Mar 30 '11 at 7:38

You are probably only on service processor (ALOM/ILOM's sc> prompt ). You should type console -f to attach the real solaris host. Then init 0 and from the OK prompt type boot cdrom.

For more information, see this introductory article or this cheat sheet.

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thank you very much for this brief. As I stated I have solved my problem. – Olgun Kaya Jun 24 '11 at 14:03

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