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Anyone got progress on setting null encryption in FreeBSD 8 ipsec?

# ./setkey -c
add esp 1680464666 -m transport -E null -A hmac-md5 "authentication!!" ;

The result of line 1: Invalid argument.

patch from here change nothing same error.

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Ok. I solved it. Let me show solution just in case someone need it. First You need enable IPSEC in kernel, build install.

In file /src/sbin/setkey/parse.y comment code

        :       ALG_ENC_NOKEY {
                        if ($1 < 0) {
                                yyerror("unsupported algorithm");
                                return -1;
                        p_alg_enc = $1;

                        p_key_enc_len = 0;
                        p_key_enc = NULL;
                        if (ipsec_check_keylen(SADB_EXT_SUPPORTED_ENCRYPT,
                            p_alg_enc, PFKEY_UNUNIT64(p_key_enc_len)) < 0) {
                                return -1;

run make just in setkey folder. Generated binary will support null encryption.

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