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I have a multi-page TIFF file produced from scanning. When I open the file (Image Viewer), Next goes to the Next image file in the folder not the next image in the file. Is there a hidden option to see each of the images (Ubuntu 13.10).

I don't really want to split/convert the file.

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On Ubuntu you can use evince for this. Right click the file and select open withDocument Viewer instead of the default Image Viewer (Eye-of-gnome).

Unfortunately evince does not have an option to easily move from one document to another...

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It is only one document so that is no problem. – user52796 Nov 21 '13 at 12:15

XNViewMP can view multi-page tiff files. It's particularly suited to multi-page -tiffs made up of non-textual images.

enter image description here

The highlighted section in the image above has page keys, through which multi-page tiffs can be navigated.

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