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I'm looking to install the package for tempfile but am not finding it? possibly use mktemp but I'm not sure if there is a difference in behaviour besides a dot notation in the temp name?

$ tempfile # /tmp/file1wJzkz
$ mktemp   # /tmp/tmp.IY8k24NayM
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The name generated by mktemp can be modified to have no dots. For example:

mktemp XXXXX => 8U5yc
mktemp /tmp/XXXXX => /tmp/tsjoG

From man mktemp:

   Create a temporary file or directory, safely, and print its name.  TEM‐
   PLATE must contain at least 3 consecutive 'X's in last  component.   If
   TEMPLATE is not specified, use tmp.XXXXXXXXXX, and --tmpdir is implied.
   Files are created u+rw, and directories  u+rwx,  minus  umask  restric‐

In any case, forget about tempfile, just use mktemp. The following is from man tempfile on my Debian (emphasis mine):


Exclusive creation is not guaranteed when creating files on NFS partitions. tempfile cannot make temporary directories. tempfile is deprecated; you should use mktemp(1) instead.

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+1 and accepted, thanks for the prompt answer – ehime Nov 15 '13 at 17:30

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