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I'd like to automate some interactions with yast2. I assume I can do everything on the command line that I can do in the curses interface, but I'm not sure how to figure out what the commands are.

For example, if I want yast2 to use a local ISO as a package repository, I know how to do it through the curses GUI (Software->Add-On Productions, Add, Local ISO Image, Browse, ...).

Is there a way to identify these interactions with arguments that can be passed to yast2 on the command-line?

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It seems you can't do as much with command line than with the ncurses interface, as yast modules have to individually implement support for CLI.

According to openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide:

To use YaST functionality in scripts, YaST provides command line support for individual modules. Not all modules have a command line support. To display the available options of a module, enter:

yast <module_name> help

If a module does not provide command line support, the module is started in text mode and the following message appears:

This YaST module does not support the command line interface.

(use yast --list to list modules)

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Are you looking for a command line approach to system configuration, or package management?

If you're looking for package management, openSUSE's command line interface is primarily zypper, not yast.

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