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I am upgrading an installation from CentOS 5.5 to 6.4. I am having troubles with my kickstart file in the %post section while mounting /tmp/cdrom during the install:

The following configuration in ks.cfg worked fine in CentOS 5.5..But, now takes a dump in 6.4...


# Post install tasks to ready the system for the installation of PressureMap
%post --nochroot  --log=/mnt/sysimage/root/ks_post.log
# Copy additional files to the installed system
echo "Copying files to installed system..."
# mount the install disk
mkdir -p /mnt/source
mount -t iso9660 /tmp/cdrom /mnt/source

What has change from CentOS 5.5 to 6.4?? Not sure what I need to do here?? I see the error in my ks_post.log file:

Copying files to installed system...
mount: special device /tmp/cdrom does not exist
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Not being a CentOS user, I can't say why /tmp/cdrom would have existed in the first place, but it seems weird. Presumably it was a symlink to a real device node. You might try grep -R cdrom /etc/udev/ to see if someone set this up.

There's probably a parallel symlink at /dev/cdrom, so you should be able to use that instead.

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I was able to eliminate the mount because the drive was already mounted. Everything works fine now.. Thx for the input.. – GoinOff Nov 14 '13 at 17:49

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