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sed -e 's/72;/72, next_val = 0x11111111;/;/@/{h;s/test/next/g;x;G}'
fmt_vuln.c > fmt_vuln2.c

could you tell me about what is the meaning of ;/@/{h;s/test/next/g;x;G}?

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/@/  search for an `@` sign
{}   for the lines where that is true do this 'block' of code
h    put the pattern match in the hold space
s/   substitute test for next everywhere in the space
g    do the previous substitution for all matches on the line
x    swap the hold with the pattern space
G    Add a new line with the contents of the hold space.
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totally solved my problem through your answer. thank you ^^ – Thomas Kwon Nov 13 '13 at 13:07
/@/ # For pattern-space containing the character @ do the following
  h              # place a copy of the pattern-space into the hold-space
  s/test/next/g  # replace all instances of "test" with "next" in the pattern-space
  x              # swap the pattern-space with the hold-space
  G              # append a newline followed by contents of hold-space to the pattern-space

So, for every line containing a @, the modified version of the pattern-space will be printed followed by the original (the hold-space contains the unmodified version).

see Command Summary for Sed

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Thank you very much :) your answer is really helpful to me. ^^ – Thomas Kwon Nov 13 '13 at 13:06

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