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So I have a small little Ubuntu server set up, with some rather large files that I've allowed a few people to copy from their putty window.

Anyways 2 questions: Lets say a person on windows wants to copy a file using putty from an Ubuntu server. how would they do it? and what directory would it default too? (what would the command be even? would I use SCP?)

Second question: is there like a limit? these are mostly 1-2gb files. would that cause any issues? Thanks

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for windows people I recommend they use WinSCP or perhaps an ftp client that supports sftp, like filezilla all of this really just uses scp. –  xenoterracide Mar 25 '11 at 1:13

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You can try PSCP which comes as part of the PuTTY distribution.

The usage of pscp is:

pscp [user@]host:source target

For example, from a Windows cmd prompt, type the following command to transfer a file to your C: drive.

pscp username@host:/path/to/file.txt C:\temp\file.txt

I don't believe there is a file size limit.

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Could also use psftp, which some people might find easier (myself, I prefer the scp mechanism). –  Arcege Mar 24 '11 at 16:00

The default will be the home directory of the linux server account being used. So if a person used luser@yourserver:foobar.pdf, then the file would be taken from/placed at ~luser/foobar on yourserver.

If you do not want people to be able to write to your server, then I suggest locking down the directories/files and/or settings up a callback script inside the .ssh/authorized_keys file.

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